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This fun and sexy movie was shot on location in beautiful Jamaica. Enjoy host and sex educator Jamye Waxman's energy and irreverent humor as three attractive real-life couples spend a week in paradise demonstrating one hundred and one creative sexual positions. Our couples show variations of basic positions, creative positions you've never thought of and for the adventurous, some real sexual gymnastics. You'll see positions to help a woman reach orgasm, those that help a man last longer, positions that work best for certain body types and more.

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The twisted beginning of a new family tradition In this scandalous final installment of Mistreated Bride...Mitsuko and Sumie are both now having an affair with Kouji, Sumie's step-son. But they aren't the only ones in the family filled with lust for him. Kaoru, Kouji's step-brother, has revealed that he is really a she, a secret that no one knew except Sumie. However, this family's dark secret does not end here...

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